Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome Back!!!

It was great to see everyone today!! We all had a wonderful day! This month we are talking about animals and Christmas of course. Our high frequency word is "is" and the letter for the week is "Oo".

Just a FYI: I will be gone Wednesday through Friday for a conference in Arlington. Mrs. Karen Rand will be their sub all three days. She has been with them before and does an awesome job! I am sure they will have a great time! Also, PreK 4s will be singing in the Christmas Program Thursday, December 10th which is next week! Everyone will be there! Look for more info to come!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Class Registry through Box Tops

Here is another way to help your school. The Puppy Pals now have a registry through Box Tops. Every time you help out our class, a certain percentage goes to our school.

Box Tops

We will be collecting the next set of Box Tops on Tuesday, December 1st. Over the Holidays, check your pantry, family members pantry, even your neighbors! Also, check out the link below for special way to earn box tops, including on-line shopping. We won last time, lets see if we can do again!

Just a FYI: the calendar on the website has been updated. We have a lot of fun things going on in December that you are not going to want to miss! This includes your little ones singing at the Christmas Program on December 10th.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Fair Singing

The Puppy Pals did a wonderful job singing at the book fair today! Here is the video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A feast...

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am sorry that I haven't got to write on here everyday but with no more naps, we are busy busy! Speaking of no more naps, it is going great! We seem to be learning more and more each day! I would like some feed back on things you might have noticed since we have stopped napping or how they are in the afternoon.

This week we are continuing our discussion on food! We have talked a lot about Pilgrims and the Native Americans. Also, about the first Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for. Be looking for some really good Native Americans and Pilgrims for their art!

This week we are reading Our Special Sweet Potato Pie. A boy and his family want to make a sweet potato pie for Daddy's birthday. But the potatoes they pick start to roll down a hill. Everyone in the neighborhood tries to catch them. The Puppy Pals are learning that they can use story clues, picture clues, and what I already know to figure out things the writer doesn't say.

Skills: (Which I will now include every week!)
comprehension: make inferences
Concept words: seasons
Phonics: C
You can use raisin or other small objects to form the letter c. Then you can hunt for words that start with the letter c in one of your books!

Hope this helps keep you guys up to date on what we are doing! Have a great rest of your week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello everyone! Thanks to each of you for coming today to parent/ teacher conferences. As always, I enjoy meeting with each of you!

We have a great week with no naps! We have started one-on-ones and pre-reading. The Puppy Pals seem to really like it! They have transitioned wonderfully.

Please mark your calendars for Monday, November 16th. Your children will be singing at the Book Fair at 11 am!

As we talk about Thanksgiving.... I had each child tell me something they are thankful for. They had some great answers. From God, to food, to Halloween.... everyone was thankful for something! I am thankful for my wonderful class! We also started a new unit this week, food. We are working on the letter N and it's sound. We learned the special word "to" as well. Be looking for our special project this week, Elmer! They are each very proud!