Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Planting Pumpkin Seeds

We have had such a busy week!! We started off by talking about pumpkins and how they grow. Each child then got to plant their very own pumpkin seed! We will be watching them up until Thanksgiving and then they will get to go home.

We also had a great discussion about bones and skin. We learned about bones from head to toe, the biggest bone in our body (femur), and Miss. Wallace's favorite bone, the humorous (upper arm). Then the Puppy Pals talked about the skin protects us and keeps all of our bones and muscles inside our body. They are quite smart! Tomorrow we will start our skeleton project! Be looking for those in the room.

Just a reminder, Pumpkin Patch is Friday. Please bring $3 for your child to purchase a small pumpkin and a treat. Friday is also a free dress day! It is going to be a exciting day!

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