Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Monday!!

We had a great day today! We started our new unit, transportation. We read the book "The Bus for Us". They really enjoyed it! We also talked about the letter T. We learned how to write it and it's sound. The Puppy Pals also came up with a lot of T words!

Today we also became Illustrators! They were SO excited about it. We read the book, "If you take a mouse to the movies". They then got a piece of paper with a couple sentences from the book but the pictures were taken out. We then had to draw our own based on what the page said. They are very proud! Each month we will do a different one. I will keep them till the end of the year and make a book for them to take home of all of their illustrations. To the left is a little preview before they go up on the wall! Enjoy!

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